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Surfrikan Dialect / Glossary

South Africa [ZA]

Source: Wavescape (www.wavescape.co.za)

This is the glossary of South African words used by surfers, but also part of the general South Africa lexicon. Some of them might be vaguely offensive.

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  • Ace- Alone solitary

  • Action- Stupid or mean act. You pull an action when you do something dof* or mean.

  • Ag- This multi-purpose interjection precedes any sentence for an emotive effect

  • Aggro- Aggressive. If you are aggro you bring bad karma into the water.

  • Ahoy- Greeting used by younger surfers.

  • Aikona- Means no way or absolutely not

  • Aita- Greeting that originated amidst the township youth. ?Aita bra!? Common among politically correct people. Rabid racists in the past have miraculously become PC.

  • Amped- Full of energy. Usually induced by adrenalin feeling wired or high on fear either before paddling into a huge ocean or the sheer stoke of being alive afterwards.

  • Arvie- Afternoon. The Australian equivalent is arvo. Not to be confused with avo.

  • As well- Also or Me Too

  • Avo- Avocado

  • Aweh- Greeting

  • Awesome- Incredible very nice top quality. Used when describing the quality and size of a wave.

  • Axed- Crushed wiped out whacked.

  • Bb

  • Babalas- The Hangover from hell. The Babalas is no mythical beast especially when you look at yourself in the mirror and see that furry tongue slithering in a mumbling parched mouth

  • Backside- Surfing with your back to the wave.

  • Backstop- Layer of tobacco and pitjies

  • Baggies- We don?t call them board shorts or Bermudas or other naffy names. They are baggies

  • Bail- To jump off your surfboard

  • Ballistic- Excellent waves. With the use of ?firing? ?going off? and ?smoking? it is a natural progression to ballistic terminology.

  • Bankie- The plastic bag issued by banks for coins is a common receptacle for dagga

  • Bark the dog- To vomit puke. In South Africa you also kotch park a tiger blow chunks or make a technicoloured yawn

  • Barrell- Tube. When you get tubed you ride the barrel.

  • Beach Break- A surf spot where waves break on sand

  • Berg Wind- Wind from the mountain

  • Bergie- Homeless person in cape town.

  • Betters- Good. Another synonym for lekker

  • Biltong- Dried raw meat

  • Biscuit- Cookie or buiscuit

  • Bleak- Dissapointed or Sad

  • Blind- Bummer Nasty

  • Blow Chunks- See Bark The Dog

  • Bobotie- Traditional Malay dish made with spicy mince baked in the oven with an egg custard topping and served with yellow rice and raisins. Delicious.

  • Bodyboarder- Surfer who surfs prone on a sponge-like board.

  • Boere- Farmers Afrikaners. English-speaking people used to refer to the police as boere.

  • Boerewors- Farmers? sausage. Sometimes just wors or boerie.

  • Bomb- Powerfull / big wave

  • Bottleneck- A Dagga pip made from the broken neck of a bottle.

  • Bottom Turn- The initial turn off the bottom of the wave after you take off

  • Braai- Barbecue. Perhaps the biggest semantic gift given to the world by South Africa? You braai with wood in a metal drum or between bricks

  • Brasse- Posse or group of friends

  • Brew- Beer

  • Bricks- Rocks reef.

  • Bro- see bru

  • Brown Eye

  • Bru- Brother friend mate china buddy.

  • Bubble Biters- Blue bottles. Floating stinging jellyfish-like organisms similar to a Portuguese man o? war.

  • Bunny Chow- Curry in a hollowed out half-loaf of white bread.

  • Buster- Strong Wind

  • Cc

  • Cape Doctor- Southeast wind or southeaster

  • Carrots- Screwed broken done over beaten up

  • Carve- When a hottie uses his surfboard as a carving knife. Another term for high-performance surfing but with more style than other synonyms such as rip tear shred or lacerate.

  • Charf- Flirt Court Seduce

  • China- A friend colleague or acquaintance.

  • Chop- Idiot or twit

  • Chorb- pimple

  • Classic- Excellent perfect incredible

  • Close Out- When a wave stops being rideable because a long section breaks all at once

  • Come Short- Get taken out get into trouble die fail.

  • Cook- Good surf. When the surf cooks it is going off its face firing pumping cranking going off its pip sick rad ballistic.

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