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Coffee and Espresso Dialect / Glossary

Miscellaneous [MISC]

Source: Various Internet Sources

A dialect formed around the consumption of coffee.

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  • Ristretto- Short for Espresso Ristretto.

  • Ss

  • Shock It- Add a few ice cubes to a hot coffee or espresso drink to cool it down to a more immediately drinkable temperature.

  • Short- 8-ounce cup. Called a short because it is shorter than a tall. Be careful asking for a regular -- you might get a tall.

  • Short and Dry- What to ask for if you want to minimize the amount of milk relative to coffee in a latte or cappuccino.

  • Shot- Equivalent to a single. A double would be two shots.

  • Shot in the Dark- A regular coffee with a shot of espresso in it. Also called a Speed Ball. I've also been told that in L.A. this is called a Red Eye but have no idea if that term is used in Seattle or not. Apparently this is also referred to in some quarters as a Bellman

  • Single- An espresso made from a single shot approximately 3/4 - 1 ounce.

  • Skinny- If you want a latte made with nonfat or skim milk just say you want it skinny.

  • Skinny Harmless- A non-fat decaf latte. Also called a Why Bother.

  • Soy Latte- A latte made with soy milk instead of milk. I've been told this is also sometimes referred to as a Vegan Latte.

  • Speed Ball- A cup of regular coffee with espresso. Obviously taken from the drug-slang term for a shot of heroin mixed with cocaine.

  • Tt

  • Tall- 12-ounce cup.

  • Thunder Thighs- Supposedly a double-tall mocha made with whole milk and topped with extra whipped cream.

  • Triple- Three shots for those for whom a double just doesn't offer enough of a jolt.

  • Uu

  • Unleaded- Decaf.

  • Vv

  • Vanilla Steamer- At Starbucks was steamed milk with vanilla syrup. Has been replaced by a Vanilla Creme which is the same but with whipped cream on top.

  • Venti- A 20 oz. cup at Starbucks apparently (taller than a tall I guess) unless you're ordering a cold drink in which case it is a 24 oz. cup (to allow extra room for ice I presume).

  • Ww

  • Wet- Sans foamed milk (steamed milk only).

  • Whipless- Sans whipped cream.

  • White Mocha- At Starbucks a mocha made with white chocolate.

  • Why Bother- A decaf non-fat (or skim milk) latte or skinny harmless.

  • With Legs- A cup with handles.

  • With Room- With space left at top of cup for either adding cream or preventing spills (while driving 70 mph down the freeway with a latte between one's legs!).

  • With Wings- A cup with handles.

  • Without- Sans foam.

  • Zz

  • Zebra- A half regular mocha half white mocha at Starbucks -- apparently not available at all stores.

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