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Cumbrian Dialect / Glossary

United Kingdom [UK]

Source: GonMad Cumbrian Dictionary (www.gonmad.co.uk)

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  • nowt- (pronoun. nowt) nothing.

  • Oo

  • Ower- (adv. awer) over

  • Owt- (noun. owt) anything

  • Pp

  • Pagga/Pagger- (noun. pagger) fight

  • Paggered- .(adj. paggurd) tired

  • Pal- .(pronoun. pal) person about to be clouted

  • Parney- (noun. parnee) water

  • Parrish- (pronoun. parrish) area

  • Peeve- (noun. peev) alcoholic beverage

  • Potters fling- (phrase. potterz fling)

  • Pun- (noun. pun) pound sterling

  • Rr

  • Radge- (adj. radj) bad or poor or not very good

  • Radgee- (noun. radjey) person who is not very capable.

  • Ratch- (verb. ratsh) to search to hunt out

  • Razzie- (noun. razzee) a hysteric anger fit.

  • Rive- (verb. riyv) to pull.

  • Ss

  • Scop- (verb. skop) to throw

  • Scordy- (noun. skordee) tea the drink.

  • Scran- (noun. skran) Food.

  • Scrat- (verb. skratt) search.

  • Scrat- (noun. skratt) mess.

  • Screeve- (noun. skreev) Motor car.

  • Scrow- (noun. skrow) Mess.

  • Sech- (adj. sek) Such

  • Shan- (v. shan) Embarass

  • Shant- (past v. shant) Embarassed

  • Shillies- (noun. shilleez) Gravel

  • Shlape- (adj. shlayp) slippy

  • Shreddies- (noun. shreddeez) underpants.

  • Smart- (adj. smart) good good looking

  • Spawney- (adj. spornee) lucky

  • Spraff- (verb. spraff) steal

  • Sproits- (noun. sprotyz) shoes

  • Stotting- (verb. stotting) falling so hard that it bounces back up and splashes

  • Strides- (noun. striydz) trousers

  • Summat- (noun. summert) something

  • Tt

  • tapped- (adj. tapt) stupid mad crazy

  • tapper/tappa- (offensive noun. tappur) mentally deficient person.

  • telt- (verb. pt. telt) told.

  • thon- (pronoun. tydee) that person him her

  • thoo- (pronoun. thoow) you.

  • thrang- (adj. thrang) busy

  • tidy- (adj. tydee) good acceptable decent

  • touched- (adj. tutsht) See tapped.

  • troff- (noun. troff) See scran.

  • vanaye- (adj. van-iy) Almost

  • vanya- (adj. vanyah) Almost

  • waffey- (adj. waffeey) Unsteady

  • weez- (question. weez) Who is ?

  • welt- (verb. welt) hit

  • yacker- (noun. yackur) Farm worker

  • yal watter- (phrase. yarl wattur) heavy rain

  • yam- (noun. yam) Home

  • yan- (number. yan) One

  • yat- (noun. yat) Gate

  • yatter- (verb. yattur) to talk

  • yawwa- (phrase. yawwah) Could you repeat that?

  • yem- (noun. yem) Home

  • yon- (pronoun. yon) that

  • yonder- (pronoun. yondur) that

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