7554 words in 32 dialects and counting.
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Truckers Dialect / Glossary

Miscellaneous [MISC]

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A unique form of speaking that can only be learnt after years of stopping at the A1 truck stop. tea duck?

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  • queen city- Charlotte NC

  • Rr

  • radio- a CB

  • radio check- a call to see if your radio is working

  • rascal- term identifying a person that is known by the speaker.

  • REACT- nation wide group of volunteers who monitor channel 9 for emergency traffic

  • readin the mail- just listening to the CB ( not actively talking )

  • right?- what truckers end almost every sentence with (it seems they like to talk in questions).ROGER can be substituted here.

  • roger- means yes or OK

  • rolling on- same as steppin on (not used that much)

  • Ss

  • sand bagging- to listen in on a channel without talking

  • shoot you in the back/tail pipe/gastank- police operating radar (usually from an exit ramp) as you drive past them

  • short short- a short amount of time

  • side piece- also refers to a linear amplifier (see also foot warmer fire in the wire) note 1

  • skip- CB ( and other short-wave frequencies ) tend to be reflected from the atmosphere. These transmissions can be heard many miles from the source of the transmission. This is called skip note 2

  • speed limit- what a four wheeler is constantly unaware of

  • stand on it- accelerate with a quickness

  • stepping on- means same as (see also moving on rolling on)

  • Tt

  • taking pictures- police operating a radar gun

  • ten-four- means OK/ YES

  • ten-thirty six- call for correct time

  • ten-thirty three- emergency

  • ten-twenty- location

  • turkey day- thanksgiving

  • turn signal- a light on the back of a vehicle which indicates future direction of movement.

  • walked on ya- someone keyed up with you and your transmission was unintelligible

  • whachyathank?- similar to right? when used at the end of the sentence.

  • yard- name for the parking lot of a drivers company

  • yardstick- name for mile marker on major highways

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