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Truckers Dialect / Glossary

Miscellaneous [MISC]

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A unique form of speaking that can only be learnt after years of stopping at the A1 truck stop. tea duck?

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  • aardvark- a Kenworth T-600 (also known as an anteater.

  • alligator- a piece of tire in road. looks like an alligator sunning itself across the road.

  • alligator radio/station- a radio that can transmit well but has poor receive - the radio is like an alligator in that it is all mouth and no ears.

  • Bb

  • back door- behind you or to the rear

  • back out- I have finished talking and will now unkey.

  • back quiet- I have finished my transmission and you may proceed when ready

  • bear- generic term for a law enforcement officer

  • better half- your spouse ie. your wife/husband.

  • big road- a major highway (I40I85I95 etc.)

  • big truck- an 18 wheeler. More specifically a long nose - cab over - all dudded up diesel truck.<

  • bird dog- a radar detector

  • bobtail- a cab with no trailer attached.

  • boss man- your immediate superior/supervisor at work

  • brake check- traffic that is slowing down.

  • break- proper way to gain access to a busy channel (i.e. break 19 for a radio check)

  • bubba- a not-so-formal version of good neighbor

  • Cc

  • channel 19- the unofficially official truckers channel.

  • channel 9- emergency channel

  • chicken coop- weigh stations

  • container- A shipping container from overseas

  • cottonpicker- a male bonding term for a friend of yours (positive sense) - can also be used as a mild insult the equivalent of jerk (derogatory sense).

  • Dd

  • dead head- to haul an empty truck. Driving empty means you usually are not getting paid for the trip you have to drive somewhere to get a load.

  • diesel car- a real truck (18 wheeler)

  • do what?- I did not copy/understand your last transmission could you please repeat it ?

  • double nickel- means 55 usually in reference to inquiries about the speed limit.

  • driver- refers to the person you were talking to / the radio operator receiving your transmissions.

  • Ee

  • eighty fifth street- refers to I85

  • Ff

  • fire in the wire- this means an amplified AM transmission see note 1 (see also foot warmer side piece)

  • flat bed- a flat bed truck

  • flip flop- a U-turn . Can also mean the return trip (i.e. catch you on the flip - flop).

  • FM- am/fm radio ( the term radioby itself refers to the CB )

  • foot warmer- refers to a linear amplifier (see also side piece fire in the wire) note 1

  • forty two- I understand and agree with you.

  • four wheeler- anyone who is not a trucker (specifically - a car). This term is usually preceded bby ssome form of an expletive (i.e. a swear word) as truckers are not always impressed by the way some four wheelers drive. This term is not always meant in a bad way as tr

  • front door- in front of you or to the front

  • Gg

  • good buddy- a term no longer used unless you are deliberately trying to annoy someone (it now means homosexual)

  • good neighbor- same as driver the person you are talking with (this has replaced good buddy)

  • Hh

  • hammer down- vehicle moving fast . Also make a car move fast (Hammer down driver).

  • hammer lane- left lane of traffic

  • hand- same as driver. (preeshaydit there hand.) I have no idea where this came from but they call each other things like Hand or Bubba or Driver.

  • handle- your name on the CB radio - kind of a call sign so that others recognize you.

  • happy happy- means happy new year

  • home twenty- dwelling. In particular the person talkings house apartment condo etc.

  • key down- when you try to talk over someone that is transmitting. Also a type of competition where the biggest radio wins!

  • landline- Telephone/ telephone call.

  • linear- a linear amplifier. This is the type of amplifier that is used to amplify an AM transmission. note 1

  • local/local information- call for local information

  • log book- its a diary for truckers/one of the things they check at the chicken coops (4 wheelers wouldnt understand)

  • meatwagon- name for an ambulance.

  • merry merry- means merry Christmas

  • modulator- a type of amplifier used for AM transmissions. note 1

  • moving on- means you have quit jabbin and are now driving (see also stepping on rolling on)

  • mud duck- a really weak/poor radio signal

  • ninety fifth street- I95

  • no doubt- the truth of your last statement is undeniable

  • nodamene?- do you understand what I am saying? (right? works here too )

  • parking lot- a truck that is used to transport several cars piggy back

  • pickemup truck- a pick up truck

  • plain wrapper- term for an unmarked police car....can also use color of car ie. blue wrapper (see also bear).

  • preeshaydit- thank you very much

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